Our Lions are the patrons of the Beamsville Scouts

Our Lion’s Club has a long tradition with the Beamsville Scouts. We make a financial donation to them every year to support their exceptional programs for our youth.

The Lions helped build the original Scout Hut on Spruce Street back in the 1940’s. In 2015, the Lions worked with the Scouts, the Town of Lincoln and the Federal Government to build a new Scout Hut.

Pictures below show the Lions, Scouts and Town representatives together at the opening of the new Scout Hut and some scouting activities both indoors and outdoors.

The two pictures below show the Lions and Scouts working together to set up our Christmas tree lot in 2019.

Here we all are working together with our Covid masks on in 2020! Individuals of all ages contributing to a better community. How does it get any better?