Beamsville Lions Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt 2023

Hear what our favourite clown and Lion Frank Arsenault have to say about this year’s Easter Egg Hunt by clicking on the picture, then press the PLAY arrow.

Beamsville Lions Easter Egg Hunt 2021

The  Easter Bunny was extremely disappointed that he couldn’t provide an Easter Egg hunt this year due to Covid 19, instead he had a basket of chocolate eggs for the 326 children whose parents drove them thru the Beamsville Lions Park on April 3rd.

The Easter Bunny wearing appropriate PPE  greeted the children as they drove by. The Beamsville Lions handed out the baskets of eggs to the children and also handed a box of Timbits and Gift cards to the 250 Adults in the cars. The Timbits and Gift cards were provided by our local Beamsville Tim Hortons. Thank you Tim Hortons.

The Beamsville Lions and the CCWN want to thank all of the people who attended and gave generously  of food and cash donations for CCWN. 

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Our favourite visitor at the Easter Egg hunt. 🙂